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1944 (© 466th Bomb Group, USAAF)
RAF Attlebridge airfield
Airfield Today:
Bernard Matthews turkey farm
Tower Type:
Watch Office with Ops Room for Bomber Satellite Stations, Type A design 17821/40, addition of observation room to 13079/41, rooftop Seco control room to 5966/43.
Bernard Matthews offices, now extended
Other Buildings:
Not known
08/41 to 30/09/42, 88 Sqn with Blenheims and Bostons on anti-shipping strikes.
10/42 to 03/43,
437th, 438th, 439th and 440th Bomb Squadrons of the 319th Bomb Group with B-26 Marauders from Horsham St Faith, moved to N. Africa from 11/42 onwards.
2nd Bombardment Wing training with B-24 Liberators.
03/43 to 02/44, 320 (Dutch) Sqn with Mitchells, completed air sea rescue flights and three bombing operations.
03/44 to 07/45, 784th, 785th, 786th and 787th Bombardment Squadrons of the 466th Bombardment Group (Heavy) 'The Flying Deck' from the USA with B-24 Liberators. First mission was to Berlin 22/03/44, the last 25/04/45 and the 466th BG completed 232 missions, losing 47 aircraft in action along with another 24, returned to the USA.
07/45 to 10/56, transferred to RAF Maintenance Command, 231 then 94 MU, airfield sold 1959.
RAF Attlebridge - 319th Bomb Group - 466th Bomb Group -
1977 (© Ian Woodward)
Attlebridge control tower in the background 1944 (© 466th Bomb Group, USAAF via Steve Ward)
RAF Attlebridge - 319th Bomb Group - 466th Bomb Group -
Operational Bomber
ID Code:
USAAF Station:
3x - concrete, tarmac
2x - T2
8 miles NW of Norwich
OS Ref:
All photographs copyright © as stated
RAF Attlebridge - 319th Bomb Group - 466th Bomb Group -
1982 (© Ian Woodward)
Attlebridge control tower now extended 2002 (© CJ van Daatseller)
RAF Attlebridge airfield - 319th Bomb Group - 466th Bomb Group -
RAF Attlebridge 319 BG - 466 BG airfield + control tower = © robert truman 2002 - Attlebridge - 466 Bomb Group -