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10/07/2004 (© Alan Barrow)
Burscough airfield, HMS Ringtail

Thought you might find these shots to be of interest, They depict the demolition of the (locally) famous control tower on the morning of Saturday 10/07/04. It took over an hour of hard work by an experienced demolition crew!
The owner of the land had seriously looked into the possibility of preservation, with a view to converting the building into offices but although the walls were still practically "blastproof" as intended, the floors and roof had deteriorated beyond repair, so sadly it was not a viable proposition to restore the structure and it had to be removed to make way for industrial development.

lthough Industrial development of the former Burscough aerodrome is ongoing, several clues to it's origins still remain....the smaller hangers as per your pictures on the site are still present and in use, as is the large maintenance hanger. Many of the concrete posts of the perimeter fence are also still in situ and some sections of runway are still visible. Many of the smaller buildings and remains of buildings have now vanished under recent development.
Of course not forgetting the memorial at the main entrance to the industrial estate commemorating all the naval airmen who trained and formed their units at Burscough only to be lost on later operations.

The picture of the two storey pillbox shown on your site is located next to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal some way outside the former perimeter boundary of the airfield and many similar structures still line the canal to this day.

Alan Barrow 2009

H.M.S. Ringtail, Burscough
10/07/2004 (© Alan Barrow)
RN Burscough, HMS Ringtail
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