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RAF Stapleford Tawney - Battle of Britain airfield
Airfield Today:
Stapleford airfield
Tower Type:
1. 1934-40 Air traffic control building not known
2. Watch Office for Fighter Satellite Stations 17658/40, with added switch room 1536/42, built 1941/42
1. Demolished
2. Demolished
Other Buildings:
Not known
23/06/1934 to 06/35, Opened as a civil aerodrome for Hillman Airways operating de Havilland aircraft, moved to Gatwick.
??/?? to 09/39, No. 21 Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School with DH Tiger Moths and Hawker Harts, Hinds and Audaxes.
09/39 to 03/40, Airfield enlarged and rebuilt as a fighter satellite for North Weald and was to be a Hurricane airfield during the Battle of Britain.
08/40 to 09/40, 151 Sqn Hurricanes from North Weald, moved to Digby. 09/40 to 11/40, 46 Sqn Hurricanes from Digby, moved to North Weald.
09/40 to 04/41, Airfield bombed and bad weather made the grass airfield unserviceable so it was closed.
04/41 to 05/41, 242 Sqn Hurricanes from Martlesham Heath, moved to North Weald. 06/41 to 08/41, 3 Sqn Hurricanes from Martlesham Heath, moved to Hunsdon.
06/41 to 09/44, No. 2 Camouflage Unit with Dominie, Oxford and Tiger Moths.
12/41 to 12/42, 277 Sqn air sea rescue with Lysander and Walrus then Defiants, moved to Gravesend.
03/43 to 08/43, 656 Sqn, Army Co-operation Command with Austers and Tiger Moths, moved to India.
Airfield was hit twice by V2 flying bombs in 1944, the second one killing 17 and injuring 50. 05/45, Passed to Care and Maintenance, used during 1946 for paratroop drops but not used for flying again until 1953 when used for civil aviation.
RAF Stapleford Tawney
RAF Stapleford Tawney - Battle of Britain airfield
Operational fighter, ASR, Army Co-op
USAAF Station:
2x - Grass
3x - Civil, 8x - Blister
5 miles N of Romford
OS Ref:
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RAF Stapleford Tawney
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RAF Stapleford Tawney airfield
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