3 Group Bomber Command
An Operational Record
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During the immediate period before World War Two, the RAF modified its command structure to rationalise for rapid expansion. Bomber Command was divided into six operational groups, each flying the same type of aircraft.

No. 3 Group Bomber Command had almost completely re-equipped with the Vickers Wellington by 4 September 1939 to carry out the second bombing operation of the war which was against German warships off Brunsbüttel. In 1940 the first of the new four-engined bombers, the Short Stirling, came into service with the Group, being followed in 1942 by the Avro Lancaster. On 3rd/4th November 1943, No. 3 Group played a leading part in the first bombing attack in which heavy bombers made use of the radar bombing aid known as G-H. The target was Düsseldorf; bombs were dropped "blind" and good results were obtained.

In July and August 1944, aircraft of this Group equipped with G-H maintained an all-weather attack against flying-bomb sites. Through the D-Day build-up, the liberation of France and conquest of Germany, formations of No. 3 Group attacked railway junctions, marshalling yards, troop concentrations, etc.
During the week ending 25th March 1945, Bomber Command made numerous attacks to prepare for the crossing of the Rhine.


Many thanks to Pen and Sword books for the review copy, buy it here: www.pen-and-sword.co.uk
3 Group Bomber Command - Pen & Sword books
3 Group Bomber Command - Pen & Sword books

The first half of the book contains a detailed narrative history of No. 3 Groups operations followed by a very detailed reference section covering; airfields, Commanders,
Squadrons, individual aircraft histories and loss/performance statistics within Bomber Command.
The information is presented clearly Squadron by Squadron and is a perfect reference aid.

Very Highly Recommended! 5/5
Book format and details:
3 Group Bomber Command - An Operational Record
Chris Ward and Steve Smith
Hardback, 240 x 165mm, 356 pages including black and white photographs
3 Group Bomber Command - Pen & Sword books
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