6 Group Bomber Command
An Operational Record
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No. 6 Group Bomber Command was born out of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP), which, among other things called for the formation of 25 Canadian Squadrons in Britain. This figure was later downsized.
The Canadian vision was of a Canadian airforce operating independently alongside Bomber Command in the manner of the American 8th USAAF, but skilful negotiating by the British resulted in Canadian Bomber squadrons operating within the RAF under RAF control but funded by Canada.

On the 1st of January 1943 most of the existing RCAF squadrons were brought together on stations in North Yorkshire and County Durham to form 6 Group. By the end of the war 14 Squadrons were operational and one other had been posted to the Pathfinders.
After an uncertain beginning the Group became an efficient and valuable contributor to Bomber Command's campaigns. Beginning predominantly with Wellingtons the Group was re-equipped with a mixture of Halifaxes and Lancasters, including the Hercules powered MkII and the Canadian built MkX.

Almost ten thousand Canadians lost their lives in the service of Bomber Command between September 1939 and May 1945, and this figure is second only to the number of British dead. May their deeds on behalf of this country and freedom never been forgotten.


Many thanks to Pen and Sword books for the review copy, buy it here: www.pen-and-sword.co.uk
6 Group Bomber Command - Pen & Sword books
6 Group Bomber Command - Pen & Sword books

A superb book covering all 15 Canadian Air Force Squadrons of No. 6 Group RAF Bomber Command:
  405 (Vancouver) Squadron 408 (Goose) Squadron
415 (Swordfish) Squadron 419 (Moose) Squadron
420 (Snowy Owl) Squadron 424 (Tiger) Squadron
425 (Alouette) Squadron 426 (Thunderbird) Squadron
427 (Lion) Squadron 428 (Ghost) Squadron
429 (Bison) Squadron 431 (Iroquois) Squadron
432 (Leaside) Squadron 433 (Porcupine) Squadron
434 (Bluenose) Squadron  

The first half of the book contains a detailed narrative history of No. 6 Groups operations followed by a very detailed reference section covering; Squadrons, airfields, Commanders, individual aircraft histories and loss/performance statistics within Bomber Command.
The information is presented clearly Squadron by Squadron and is a perfect reference aid.
Very Highly Recommended! 5/5
Book format and details:
6 Group Bomber Command - An Operational Record
Chris Ward
Hardback, 240 x 165mm, 276 pages including black and white photographs
Publ. date:
March 2010
6 Group Bomber Command - Pen & Sword books
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