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RAF Driffield airfield
Airfield Today:
Disused, agriculture
Tower Type:
Watch Office with Tower (Fort type) 207/36, tower removed and new control room added 4698/43
Demolished 1976
Other Buildings:
1916 to 2/20, Grass aerodrome called Eastburn used by the Royal Flying Corps in WW1, with seven hangars on a 240 acre site.
7/36 to 7/38, Used by several Bomber Cammand Squadrons, including 58, 215, 75, 215 and 51.
7/38 to 8/40, 77 and 102 Sqns from Honington with Wellesley and Heyford bombers, 10/38 both converted to Whitley bombers. 15/8/40, The airfield was bombed by Ju88's of KG30 and approximately 170 bombs fell on the airfield killing 14 people and destroying 12 Whitleys. 77 Sqn then moved to Linton-on-Ouse and 102 to Leeming.
8/40 to 1/41, Airfield closed for repairs and used as a decoy airfield.
1/41 to 4/41, Airfield used by Fighter Command Squadrons.
4/41 to 10/41, Airfield again controlled by Bomber Command and 104 Sqn reformed here with Wellington bombers, moved to Malta.
4/41 to 6/41, 405 (Vancouver) Sqn, RCAF, formed here with Wellingtons, the first Canadian Squadron in Bomber Command, moved to Pocklington.
2/42 to 6/42, 158 Sqn formed here, moved to East Moor.
10/42 to 12/42, 466 Sqn RAAF and 196 Sqn formed here, moving to Leconfield.
Airfield then closed and rebuilt with concrete runways.
6/44 to 9/45, 466 Sqn RAAF returned from Leconfield with Halifaxes. 5/45, transferred to Transport Command, 9/45, moved to Bassingbourn.
8/44 to 12/44, 462 Sqn RAAF formed here, moved to Foulsham.
5/45 to 6/45, 426 Sqn RCAF with cargo Liberators, moved to Tempsford.
9/46 to 7/55, Flying Training Command with Anson, Wellington, Mosquito, Meteor, etc.
9/55 to /57, Transferred to Fighter Command flying Venoms and the Fighter Weapons School.
10/58 to 12/63, Used as a Thor missile base by 98 Sqn, then by Army and RAF units until closure in 1996.
RAF Station
1916 to 1920
1936 to 1996
USAAF Station:
Grass then 3 concrete
5x - C Type
2 miles SW of Great Driffield
OS Ref:
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RAF Driffield airfield
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