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1944-45 (© US Navy)
2006 (© Robert Truman)
RAF Dunkeswell airfield
Airfield Today:
Agriculture, aviation, industry
Tower Type:
Watch Office for All Commands 12779/41 with medium front windows to 343/43
Dunkeswell USN airfield museum
Other Buildings:
Originally planned as a Fighter Command, then a Coastal Command airfield, but transferred for use by American units.
06/08/1943 to 09/1943, 4th, 6th, 19th and 22nd Anti Submarine Squadrons of the 479th Anti Submarine Group.
24/09/1943 to 07/1945, VB-103, Fleet Air Wing 7, of the United States Navy. This was the first USN unit to train with the RAF, later followed by VB-105 and VB-110. Equipped with Liberators then PB4Y-1 Privateers on anti-submarine patrols. 10/1944 Squadrons renamed VPB-.
07/11/1944 to /1945, Moved to Upottery during runway repairs.
08/45 to 04/46, 16 Ferry Unit, RAF Transport Command, from Llandow ferrying aircraft to the Middle East.
09/1946 to 12/1948, Used by No. 265 and 267 Maintenance Units.
RAF Dunkeswell airfield
1944-45 (© US Navy)
2006 (© Robert Truman)
Dunkeswell photo page
U.S. Naval Air Facility Dunkeswell, Navy Station 804
ID Code:
USAAF Station:
3 concrete, tarmac
5x - T2
5 miles NW of Honiton
OS Ref:
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RAF Dunkeswell airfield
AML Bombing Teacher
Turret Trainer
Fabric Store
T2 hangar
Double Link Trainer 2003 (© Colin Russell)
RAF Dunkeswell airfield - USN VPB-103 - VPB-105 - VPB-110 -
1985 (© Steve Collins)
Here is a picture of the buildings around the old USN watch tower when it housed the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Sport Parachute Association, (RN&RMSPA). The Cessna 182 in the foreground is G-ASHB, known as the Gash Bucket, it was the jump ship for the parachute club.
The black nissen hut in the centre of the picture was used as a parachute packing shed, and the two buildings on the left were used as a parachute store, and a training hall. The old watch tower housed the club office, a kitchen, lecture rooms and accommodation for students who were on parachute courses.
RAF Dunkeswell airfield - USN VPB-103 - VPB-105 - VPB-110 -
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