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Airfield sites are - ALL private property!
Please obtain the Landowners permission before entering any private property, land or buildings. It is in everyones interest not to cause problems as it does result in the demolition of the buildings we all want to see!
Many structures are now in a VERY dangerous condition and should not be entered under any circumstances...

Please use caution and consideration when visiting any airfield and be aware of the impact of outbreaks of Foot & Mouth disease and Bird Flu.
If you ask and are refused access please accept it gracefully, not everyone shares our interest!

Finally, please bear in mind the possibility of injury and death - to you, your health and safety must be uppermost in your mind at all times! There are many potential hazards out there and don't forget most motor insurance policies do not cover damage to vehicles when on airfields or private property.

The information provided in this website is for historical research purposes only, I do not condone or encourage trespass on private property and cannot be held responsible in any way for legal action, damage or injury caused.

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