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12 B-17's return to Grafton Underwood after the first VIII USAAF and 97th BG heavy bomber mission 17/08/1942 (© USAAF via Adam Smith)
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield
Airfield Today:
Tower Type:
Watch Office with Operations Room Type A, with control room & crew briefing room Nissen Huts and building updates - 15898/40, 7344/41, 13079/41 and 4170/43
Demolished in the 1980s
Other Buildings:
/1941 to /1942, No. 1653 Heavy Conversion Unit with Liberators.
The first Station in England to receive an 8th US Army Air Force flying unit and the first to launch a USAAF heavy bomber operation, to Rouen, on the 17th August 1942.
05/1942 to 06/1942, 15th Bombardment Squadron (L) training with Douglas Bostons, moved to Molesworth.
07/1942 to 09/1942, Elements of the 97th Bomb Group (H) with B-17s from Polebrook.
09/1942 to 12/1942, 364th, 365th, 366th and 422nd Bomb Squadrons of the 305th Bomb Group 'Can Do' commanded by Colonel Curtis LeMay, moved to Chelveston.

Airfield then rebuilt and improved.

04/1943 to 05/1943,
337th, 338th, 339th and 413th Bombardment Squadrons of the 96th Bomb Group with B-17s, moved to Andrews Field.
05/1943 to 06/1945, 544th, 545th, 546th and 547th Bombardment Squadrons of the 384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) 'Keep the Show on the Road' with B-17s, flew (approximately) 320 missions before moving to France.
10/1945 to , No. 236 Maintenance Unit for vehicle storage and sales. Airfield sold 1959.
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield
Grafton Underwood 1944 (© USAAF via Mark Brotherton)
1973 (© Steve Bond)
(above) B-17G 'Pauline' Winter 1944/45 (© USAAF)

Click Here for more superb wartime photos of the 384th BG at
Grafton Underwood

(above left) 384th BG C.O. Lt Col Theodore Milton (above right) The end of the war is announced from the control tower May 1945 (below) Captain Bonnett in the Bombardiers nose position of a B-17 c.1944 (All © USAAF)
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield
Operational Bomber
ID Code:
USAAF Station:
3x - tarmac and wood chips, extended in 1942
2x - T2
4 miles NE of Kettering
OS Ref:
Photo ©:
All photographs copyright © as stated
- 15th BS - 96th BG - 97th BG - 305th BG - 384th BG -
1943 (© USAAF via Adam Smith)
384th BG B-17s taxying for take-off at Grafton Underwood 1944 (© USAAF)
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield 1942-59
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield = © robert truman 2001 - Grafton Underwood -