Grafton Underwood
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The 384th BG Senior Officers Club at Grafton Underwood 1944
All wartime photographs copyright © USAAF via Mark Brotherton
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield 1943-45
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MORE photographs of 384th BG Boeing B-17's
B-17 nose mounted inside the Bombardiers training building 8/1944
The Officers Club
Runway Controllers caravan
The American Red Cross Aeroclub
Thursday night dance in the Aeroclub
The Red Cross Girls
Football - American Style!
After mission interrogation 2nd October 1943
Enlisted Mens Gamesroom
'Home Sweet Home'
Dodge Donut Wagon
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield 1973
1973 (© Steve Bond)
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield
Grafton Underwood USAAF watch office + airfield = © robert truman 2006