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B-17F Flying Fortress 'BATTLEWAGON' with a 37 mission score at Grafton Underwood 1943
All wartime photographs copyright © USAAF / USAF via Mark Brotherton
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield 1943-45
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MORE photographs of Grafton Underwood airfield
384th BG Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress at Grafton Underwood airfield
Any landing you can walk away from . . .
B-17 winter maintenance (does the farm in the background still exist?)
Yes it does . . . 2006 (Martyn McGreavey)
Engine work on a very early model B-17F, can anyone identify this aircraft?
Still nice and shiny after 31 missions - B-17G 'FLAK Hopper'
'Loxing' B-17G 'SECTION 8' - the crews breathing oxygen
Loading bombs aboard a B-17G
Refuelling a B-17
Father Billy blesses the crew of B-17F 'WE DOOD IT' before a mission 1943
Home Safe
RAF Grafton Underwood airfield 1943-45
Grafton Underwood USAAF 384th BG B-17 Flying Fortress airfield = © robert truman 2006