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The first control tower at Alconbury; Bomber Satellite Watch Office 2001 (© Dan McKenzie)
RAF Alconbury airfield
Airfield Today:
Brownfield site for housing or distribution centre
Tower Type:
Three control towers were built here:
1. Watch Office with Operations Room for Bomber Satellite Stations 7345/41, observation room added to pattern 13079/41
2. Watch Office for all Commands 343/43
3. Post-War Uni-Seco USAFE Control Tower
1. Survived in 2001
2. Demolished October 2013
3. Demolished June 2015
Other Buildings:
Not known
Opened as satellite to Upwood with Fairey Battles of 63 Squadron, became satellite to Wyton 09/39. Then used by 15, 40 and 156 bomber Squadrons.
08/42, Transferred to 8th USAAF control.
93rd Bombardment Group (Heavy);
09/42 to 12/42,
328th, 329th, 330th and 409th Bombardment Squadrons of the 93rd Bomb Group (Heavy) 'The Travelling Circus' with B-24 Liberators, 09/10/42 first mission flown from Alconbury, moved to Hardwick.
92nd Bombardment Group (Heavy);
12/42 to 09/43,
325th, 326th, 327th and 407th Bombardment Squadrons of the 92nd Bomb Group (H) 'Higher, Stronger, Faster' - 'Fames Favored Few' moved here from Bovingdon with B-17 Flying Fortress. Flew 4 missions in 1942, then a CCRU 08/42 to 05/43, then reformed as a combat group, resuming combat missions 05/43, moved to Podington.
95th Bombardment Group (Heavy);
04/43 to 06/43, 95th Bomb Group (H) 'Justice with Victory' here from the USA with B-17 Flying Fortress, moved to Framlingham.
482nd Bombardment Group (Heavy);
20/08/43 to 06/45, 812th, 813th and 814th Bombardment Squadrons of the 482nd Bomb Group (H) a Pathfinder unit equipped with B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberators. Originally operated under the 92nd Bomb Group, 03/44 became operational radar development unit, engaged in combat missions, testing radar equipment and training pathfinder crews. Aircraft usually flew from other airfields as lead aircraft for the other Bomb Groups. The only Bomb Group to be formed in England, lost 7 aircraft in combat.
12/43 to 02/44, 406th Bomb Squadron attached to 482nd BG.
11/45 to 09/48, 264 Maintenace Unit here until closure.
08/51 became USAF Primary Installation, upgraded and modernised, USAF units arriving 06/53.
01/09/94 to 15/04/95, USAF base closed.
92nd Bomb Group - 93rd Bomb Group - 95th Bomb Group - 482nd Bomb Group
Bomber Satellite Watch Office 1998 (© Paul Francis)
RAF Alconbury airfield
Two views of the observation room that once stood on top of the Watch Office for all Commands
(© USAF via Adam Smith)
92nd Bomb Group - 93rd Bomb Group - 95th Bomb Group - 482nd Bomb Group
Second tower: Alconbury's Watch Office for all Commands in 1945
(© USAF via Adam Smith)
Watch Office for all Commands c.1990 (© Fred Cubberley)
Watch Office for all Commands 2003 (© Mark Brotherton)
RAF Alconbury airfield - 92nd BG - 93rd BG - 95th BG - 482nd BG -
Bomber airfield
ID Code:
USAAF Station:
3x - concrete, tarmac extended in 1942 and again post-war
2x - T2
4 miles north west of Huntingdon
OS Ref:
Airfield history by Paul Francis
Photographs copyright © as stated
RAF Alconbury airfield
Third tower: Post-war Uni-Seco USAFE Tower 2001 (© Dan McKenzie)
92nd Bomb Group - 93rd Bomb Group - 95th Bomb Group - 482nd Bomb Group
RAF Alconbury airfield + control tower = © robert truman 2002 -
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