Bovingdon p h o t o p a g e: '633 Squadron' film - 1963/64
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Scenes from the filming of 633 Squadron 1963 (All photographs © copyright Valerie Clift)
RAF Bovingdon - 633 Squadron -
It is amazing how good the pictures are considering their age. The only other information I can give you is that the film was shot in 1963 and by the time the film was released my father was in the Far East. He was with BCCS (Bomber Command Communication Squadron) and we think he served at Bovingdon from spring 1963 to spring 1964.
It would be nice if we could blow up one of the photos with newspapers in it and identify the exact date!
RAF Bovingdon airfield - 633 Squadron -
The Luftwaffe attack! a (long range!) Messerschmitt Bf108 over Bovingdon
The stars of the film! 1963 (All photographs © copyright Valerie Clift)
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