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1. Pre-war Watch office with Tower 1942 (© USAAF via Aldon P Ferguson)
Burtonwood airfield
Airfield Today:
Agriculture, housing, industry, M62 motorway
Tower Type:
1. Watch Office with Tower (Fort type), 207/ 36 (concrete)
2. Watch Office for all Commands 12779/41, small front windows to 15371/41
3. P ost-war USAF tower
All three towers now demolished
Other Buildings:
Demolished, very little remains
1/4/40 to 6/42, No. 37 Maintenance Unit for storage and modification of British aircraft, later bacame the RAF's centre for repair of US built aircraft.
6/42 to 12/45, Transferred to the USAAF as Base Air Depot 1 (BAD 1), RAF presence continued until 10/43. 12/43 became centre for overhaul and repair of all USAAF radial engined aircraft.
RAF Burtonwood was the largest airfield in Europe during WW2 with the most USAAF personnel and the longest runway. BAD 2 at Warton was to specialise in USAAF aircraft with in-line engines.
7/46 to 9/50, No. 276 Maintenance Unit formed here as an equipment depot.
/48 to /65, USAF maintenance base for C-54s used during the Berlin Airlift. 9/53 became the Northern Air Material Area.
/53 to 4/59, 53rd Weather Reconnaisance Squadron with WB-29 then WB-50D Superfortress'.
Military Air Transport Service, MATS, aircraft here until 1958, moved to Mildenhall, all flying ceased 4/59.
2/67, Transferred to the US Army and used by 47th Area Support Group as a storage centre until final closure.
2. Wartime Watch office for all Commands c.1944 (© USAAF via Aldon P Ferguson)
1981 (© Paul Francis)
Lieutenant Colonel Caldwell, 5th Air Depot Group,
53rd Service Group - Burtonwood - Little Staughton -

More info Here
1981 (© Harry Holmes)
RAF, USAAF and USAF Station
Air Depot
ID Code:
USAAF Station:
3 concrete, tarmac
Exact number and type unknown
2 miles NW of Warrington
OS Ref:
More Burtonwood airfield photos by Paul Francis
Photographs © as stated
3. Post-war USAF Tower 1954 (© USAF MATS)
1956 (© USAF via Aldon P Ferguson)
1981 (© Paul Francis)
RAF Burtonwood airfield - BAD 1 -
A series of 1960's aerial views of Burtonwood by Bill Ravenscroft...
The wartime RAF tower and runway layout 1960 (© Bill Ravenscroft)
The USAF MATS tower 1960 (© Bill Ravenscroft)
RAF Air Training Corps gliders 1961 (© Bill Ravenscroft)
RAF Burtonwood airfield - BAD 1 -
RAF Burtonwood - USAF BAD 1 - airfield +control towers: www.controltowers.co.uk © robert truman 2003