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1955 (© via Steve Ward)
RAF Middle Wallop - Battle of Britain airfield -
Airfield Today:
Army Air Corps Centre, Museum of Army Flying
Tower Type:
Watch Office with Met Section 2328/39 with post-war VCR to 5871c/55
Army Air Corps Air Traffic Control
Other Buildings:
/04/1940 to /10/1943, Construction started in 1938, first used by No.15 SFTS then Hurricanes, Spitfires and Blenheims after the fall of France, before the airfield was fully complete. Airfield attacked several times during the Battle of Britain with many casualties and the destruction of a hangar and aircraft. Over 30 RAF fighter and fighter-recce Squadrons based here including 604 Squadron AI equipped Beaufighter nightfighters flown by Sqn Ldr John Cunningham.
/11/1943 to /07/1944, HQ of IX Fighter Command established here.
/11/1943 to /07/1944, 107th and 109th Tactical Recconaissance Squadrons of the 67th Tactical
Recconaissance Group with Spitfires and Mustangs from Membury. 67th TRG was the oldest combat group of the IX USAAF and /06/1944, was the first to receive a Distinguished Unit Citation. 03/44, 12th TRS moved here from Greenham Common and the 15th TRS from Aldermanston.
/05/1944, 30th Photographic Squadron of the 10th Photographic Reconnaissance Group with F-5 Lightnings from Chalgrove.
/06/1944, 15th TRS moved to Chalgrove and 107th TRS moved to Normandy.
/06/1944, 109th TRS renamed 9th Weather R
ecconaissance Squadron (Provisional).
/07/1944 to /01/1945, Airfield used by 418 Squadron Mosquito nightfighters and No. 3501 Servicing Unit and Pilot Replacement Pool from Cranfield.
/02/1945 to /10/1945, HQ Mobile Naval Airfield Organisation aircraft repair and servicing unit moved here from Ludham transferring the title HMS Flycatcher.
/06/1945 to /04/1946, Naval Air Radio Installation Development and Fitting Unit.
/11/1945 to /04/1946, No. 700 Maintenance Test Pilot Training Sqn from Worthy Down with Avenger, Barracuda, Firebrand, Firefly, Hellcat, Seafire and Wildcat, moved to Yeovilton.
/04/1946 to /12/1947, 164 Squadron Spitfires, renumbered 63 Squadron.
/01/1948, Used by 227 OCU, an Army AOP training unit, /05/1950 renamed Air Observation Post School and /04/1952 Light Aircraft School.
/05/1953 to /1957, 288 Squadron with Balliols.
/03/1954, Development Flight (CFS) with helicopters formed and /1955 Joint Experimental Helicopter Unit. 01/09/1957, Army Air Corps formed and the airfield transferred to the Army and has since then has been home to the Army Air Corps Centre.
RAF Middle Wallop - Battle of Britain airfield
1984 (© Anthony Marra)
RAF Station - RN HMS Flycatcher MONAB
Operational Fighter, Army Air Corps
USAAF Station:
Grass with concrete perimeter track, 1942 - 2x Sommerfield track steel mat
16x - Blister, 5x - C Type
6 miles SW of Andover
OS Ref:
Museum of Army Flying www.
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RAF Middle Wallop - Battle of Britain airfield -
2001 (© Robert Truman)
RAF Middle Wallop airfield - 67th TRG -
Middle Wallop Ops Room 1943 (© Tony Powell )
RAF Middle Wallop - Battle of Britain airfield -
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